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Adios Timeslips BDE, Hello Timeslips Firebird SQL

After well over 20 years using the venerable, but outdated, Borland Database Engine (BDE) as the database behind Timeslips, Sage Software is finally retiring that old workhorse. Starting with the 2017 Edition of Timeslips, the underlying database handler for all

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Capturing Time on the Run

In our “mobile” society, being able to keep track of everything you do while “on the go” has become increasingly important. This is especially true for mobile professionals who need to bill for – or at least accurately track –

Paperless Time and Billing Tasks

In this environmentally conscious era, everyone seems to be talking about the paperless office.  Timeslips 2010 now has many features that make it easy to manage your billing process from start to finish without having to print a thing.   Let’s

Deciphering Timeslips Interest Calculations

Many of our clients that use the “Finance Charge/Interest”  feature in Timeslips have found it confusing. We have been asked for advice about Timeslips interest calculations on several occasions.  It took me a while to completely understand how it works myself, so

Timeslips Speeds up the Billing Engine

One of the major areas of improvement touted for Timeslips 2010 is the presence of a new and improved billing engine.   That sounds nice, but how much faster could it really be?  I decided to take it for a test