Timeslips Accounting Links

Sage Timeslips Accounting Link (TAL) enhances Sage Timeslips by connecting it to the general ledger module of an accounting program. TAL can save you time by transferring transactions from Sage Timeslips to your accounting program.

Sage Timeslips focuses on tracking accounts receivable (A/R) information. In accounting terms, accounts receivable is the invoicing portion of an accounting system. The general ledger (G/L) consolidates data from A/R and other areas of accounting systems—like accounts payable (A/P) and sales orders—to give a complete picture of your finances.

For each supported accounting link, Sage provides specific online Help for setting up the link and transferring data from Timeslips into your general ledger. If TAL does not offer a link to your accounting program, you can still use it to generate the G/L Transfer Register report. This report details the accounting data needed for manual entry into your general ledger.

Sage has a special version of their Timeslips Accounting Link for two popular accounting applications: QuickBooks and Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree Accounting). Called TAL Pro, this special link offers enhanced connectivity between billing and accounting, automating many of the routine processes (posting invoices, updating client balances, managing trust funds, etc.) performed on a daily basis. This dynamic two-way integration enhances both functionality and productivity for managing your financial data.

Using TAL Pro with either QuickBooks or Sage 50, bills generated from Timeslips can be immediately posted to accounts in your accounting package. You can automatically synchronize customer/client names in both databases, to avoid double entry. In addition, you can use TAL Pro to turn checks and vendor bills from your accounting package into billable slips in Timeslips, making cost recovery  more accurate and timely.

Before you begin to use TAL, be sure that you understand accounting concepts and your general ledger program. Please consult with your accountant if you have questions about the accounting methods your company uses.

Like the other modules of your accounting system, TAL transfers data into your general ledger by updating accounts. You must be sure that your general ledger contains the accounts needed by Sage Timeslips. While you can use existing accounts, we recommend that you create new accounts specifically for use by TAL.