Timeslips Maintenance and Repair

Timeslips maintenance and repairTimeslips maintenance and repair can sometimes be performed via  a few  “routine” maintenance tools built into the application. These range from a simple database reindex to a more dangerous Integrity Check/Repair routine, that in some instances will remove corrupted data from the database. None of these tools should be used “casually”, since any of them hold the potential for doing further damage to your data.

timeslips certified consultantAs Timeslips Certified Consultants for Sage, we are provided with a few additional repair tools that are not made available to users, and we have developed a few tools for ourselves over the years for fixing things that either the built-in or Sage-provided tools won’t fix.

Timeslips now operates on the more powerful Firebird SQL database engine, a much more modern database handler than the older Borland Database Engine (BDE). Database corruption can still happen, however,  because of conflicts with other applications stored on the same PC, operating system glitches, etc.  When these kinds of errors crop up, it is best to have them addressed immediately, before serious data loss occurs, or the need for expensive database repairs is required. Sage does offer a database repair service, but it is both time-consuming (10-15 day lead time) and expensive (starts at $250 per incident).

If you suspect that you are in need of advanced maintenance or repair services, give us a call to discuss your situation before trying to tackle it yourself. We have helped hundreds of companies recover damaged databases, and we might be able to advise you on the best path to repairing yours.