Timeslips Database Design

Efficient and reliable usage of the Timeslips software requires a database design that is suitable for your company’s billing needs. We recognize that every business has its own distinct billing and reporting requirements; translating those requirements into a suitable database design is essential to leveraging the power of your Timeslips billing software.

This is where our experience with the Timeslips software, and with accounting system design in general, delivers enhanced value to your system. We can design capabilities into the billing system that may not be apparent to the typical user.

You know how you need your billing system to operate; we know how to optimize time tracking and billing functions within Timeslips to achieve those objectives. Working closely together and leveraging each of our unique strengths, we can help you design a system, from time and expense coding to report and billing template design, that gives you the information you need to manage your time – and your business – more effectively.

While Timeslips offers various sample time and expense codes for different business types, our services typically include either creating a new set of codes “from scratch” or heavily modifying one of the existing sets.  Time and expense tracking codes, when coupled with global “references” and used appropriately, can significantly enhance the reporting capabilities of the Timeslips application.

System defaults for account aging periods, payment terms, interest calculations, payment methods, time entry fields to display, and billing rates all need to be carefully reviewed to insure that the system will function in accord with internal billing policies and practices.

Give us a call if you would like to discuss your own Timeslips database design needs.