Electronic Bill Delivery



Electronic Bill Delivery

If you have corporate clients that require invoices to be formatted in a specific manner for electronic submission, you’re probably already aware how time-consuming that process can be.

But if you rely on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), a common way to exchange billing information in an electronic format, you’ll appreciate the interfaces Sage Timeslips offers as a way to generate invoices that conform to these required formats.

Relying on Sage Timeslips to submit bills electronically makes the entire billing process easier and faster. Simply specify a format for each of your clients and then print bills in the chosen format. Sage Timeslips makes it easy to produce these formatted invoices and keep your corporate clients happy.

The Electronic Bill Delivery tool in Sage Timeslips allows you to specify an e-bill format for each of your clients, print your bills to the e-bill file format, and then send e-bills as required by your clients. With a single tool, you’ll simplify your billing process and satisfy your clients.

If you have multiple corporate clients that need their invoices formatted in different ways, you can rely on the Electronic Bill Delivery tool in Sage Timeslips to provide the interfaces you need to keep all clients happy. With a wide variety of interfaces available, you can select the ones you need.

Sage Timeslips has developed interfaces for many popular formats, all available for a single fee. The Sage Timeslips electronic billing add-on supports all of the following formats:

      • Chubb Legalgard
      • CLASS Audit
      • Data Clearinghouse
      • Examen
      • F&D Legalgard
      • General Accounting Legalgard
      • Great American Legalgard
      • Law Audit Service (LAS)
      • LEDES 97
      • LEDES 98
      • Legal Bill Format
      • Legalgard
      • Legal Solutions Suite
      • Pro Fee Manager by Peerpoint
      • TyMetrix
      • Vik Brothers Legalgard