Author: tristar

Capturing Time on the Run

In our “mobile” society, being able to keep track of everything you do while “on the go” has become increasingly important. This is especially true for mobile professionals who need to bill for – or at least accurately track –

Timeslips 2011 – First Look

Sage Timeslips 2011 was previewed today at the Sage Insights Conference, and the finalproduct  release dates were announced. Product shipments will begin to customers on June 18, 2010. It was noted at the conference that this is the 25th anniversary

Timeslips 2011 Upgrade Season Approaches

We expect to participate in beta testing for Timeslips 2011 shortly, and anticipate the announcement of an official release date shortly after the conclusion of that beta test period. While we cannot legally discuss the specifics of the new release (due to

Timeslips Speeds up the Billing Engine

One of the major areas of improvement touted for Timeslips 2010 is the presence of a new and improved billing engine.   That sounds nice, but how much faster could it really be?  I decided to take it for a test

How to Avoid Address Violation Errors

If you’ve used Timeslips for any significant amount of time, you’ve most likely received the dreaded “Address Violation Error”.  The message sounds pretty scary and is somewhat vague, so it’s hard to know what caused it and how serious it

Timeslips “Tailored to Fit”

Timeslips is a highly customizable program. The more you can tailor it to your needs, the more value you will get from using the software.  Sure, you can use it “as-is”, but most likely there are a bunch of features