Timeslips 2011 Upgrade Season Approaches

by Mar 17, 2010Features

We expect to participate in beta testing for Timeslips 2011 shortly, and anticipate the announcement of an official release date shortly after the conclusion of that beta test period. While we cannot legally discuss the specifics of the new release (due to our non-disclosure agreement), we expect the new version to be available in late June – early July.

 What does this mean for you?

 If you are using a version of Timeslips earlier than Timeslips 2008, it means that Sage’s “official” support for your version will end shortly after this new release. While we will continue supporting these “obsolete” versions, we are constrained by our inability to obtain the manufacturer’s support for those earlier versions. It may be time to consider an upgrade.

 If you are using Timeslips 2008 or later, you should carefully review the new features for the 2011 version when they become publicly available, and make your upgrade decision based on features. We do not know yet ourselves what new features will make it into the final release of Timesl;ips 2011, but we have heard discussions of enough new “wrinkles” to make this new version pretty interesting.

 If you decide to upgrade, we urge you to consider placing your upgrade order through TriStar. We do very little advertising, receiving the majority of our new business through referrals from the Timeslips website. Our positioning on that website (currently #1 for Pennsylvania) is determined by the Timeslips orders we place with Sage. Your upgrade order will help us maintain that lofty position.

In most cases we are able to match or exceed whatever upgrade pricing Sage is able to offer you directly (as a consequence of our Platinum status). So, by placing your Timeslips upgrade order with Tristar you help us maintain our Platinum status, and we help you to save a little money on your upgrade.

A classic “win-win!”

Give us a call if you would like to discuss your upgrade options.