Author: Steve Schaller

Sight for Sore Eyes

Many of today’s newer monitors have very high resolution settings, optimized for HD video, which is not really necessary for basic office use.  As a result, users with less than perfect eyesight tend to change some video settings to make

Licensed To Bill

Several clients have recently asked me about how the Timeslips licensing works so it seems like a good topic to discuss here.  I will try to explain it as simply and clearly as possible so you can figure out how

Paperless Time and Billing Tasks

In this environmentally conscious era, everyone seems to be talking about the paperless office.  Timeslips 2010 now has many features that make it easy to manage your billing process from start to finish without having to print a thing.   Let’s

Deciphering Timeslips Interest Calculations

Many of our clients that use the “Finance Charge/Interest”  feature in Timeslips have found it confusing. We have been asked for advice about Timeslips interest calculations on several occasions.  It took me a while to completely understand how it works myself, so