Sage Timeslips 2020

Timeslips 2020All of the dependable features that Timeslips has offered its users for years, now with a much more modern database, driving significantly improved performance for all of those important features. Powered by the Firebird SQL database engine, Timeslips 2020 provides the horsepower needed to drive larger installations of Timeslips (20+ users) that maintain larger databases than was previously realistic with the Borland Paradox (BDE) database engine. Complicated slip and pre-billing reports, which would require in excess of a half hour or more to complete, can now be generated in minutes.

Sage Timeslips is sold either by subscription (Premium, via an annual or monthly subscription fee) or via a one-time licensing fee (Perpetual license). Both editions, Premium and perpetual, offer the same robust feature set and include full “Under the Hood” access to the Timeslips Firebird database, either using familiar SQL queries (via the Flame Robin public-domain utility) or via an ODBC connection using tools like Microsoft Access.

The Premium, subscription-only edition includes the following additional features:

  • All product updates and new product editions released during the term of your subscription
  • The ability to duplicate a single time or expense entry to post to multiple clients
  • A comprehensive Billing Troubleshooter to more easily correct billing errors
  • Unlimited Access to Sage Premium technical support representatives

Contact us for current pricing for both Perpetual and Premium editions, or for additional details.